Bethany Baptist Church
Worship Services

Early Morning Service   8:00am

Sunday School   9:45am

Morning Worship   11:00am


Dinner   6:00pm

Prayer Service   6:30pm

Bible Study 7:00pm

Friday Prayer Service  12:00noon

Church Office Hours

Mon.-Fri 10:00am - 3:00pm

Deaconate Board
 Family/Ministry Plan 

Because we care for you and your family, Pastor Turner and the Deaconate Board of Bethany Baptist Church are committed to the Deaconate Family Ministry Plan.  We want to make certain that every member and family in our Church experiences the love and support that flow from Jesus Christ.  We want to be known in our community as a loving Church.

In the Diaconate Family Ministry Plan, every member has a Diaconate Team.  The more effectively the plan works, the closer our Church will become, and thus become the family Christ desires us to be.  Feel free to contact your Deaconate Team and they will seek to assist you or connect you to an appropriate resource. 

Your Deaconate Team consists of the following Deacons and Deaconess assigned by the first initials of members last names.
Deaconate Board Chairperson: Deacon Roy Neal
Deaconate Team Members                                                                                      Church Members
                                                                                                                                      (Initials of Last Name)
Mae Phillips & Keith Alford                                                                                               A-B-C-D
Sedalia Harrison-Brown & Ezekial Thomas                                                                E-F-G
Patricia Gomez & Raymond Coker                                                                                  H-I-J-K
Julieth Ledgly, Roy Neal & Kevin Lockhart                                                                  L-M-N-O
Joeann Myles & Karen Black-Shaw                                                                                 P-Q-R-S
Larry Kellam & Andrew Tripp                                                                                           T-U-V
Alphonzie Gunn & Grace Thomas                                                                                    W-X-Y-Z

The Deaconate Team Family Ministry Plan (with phone numbers) is available in the church Narthex display case, or please contact the church office (315-446-5060) for phone numbers to contact your Deaconate Team Member.

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