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Bethany Baptist Church
 American Baptist Womens Ministries 

American Baptist Women's Ministries is a diverse community of American Baptist women and girls serving in ministry in Christ's name. With local, area, region/state, and national levels of ministry, AB Women's Ministries creates a community of passionately faithful, mission-minded women and girls engaged in worship, service, and friendship.

The ABWM NYS is a Charitable Non-Profit Corporation/Organization under the umbrella of American Baptist Churches of NYS; which is under the umbrella of American Baptist Churches of USA. We have our very own ByLaws and operate as our own entity under the umbrella of ABC NYS.

All 38 states that participate in the organization have their own presiding President who represents their particular state at all local, national, and international conventions, bi-annual gatherings, and national meetings,

As the President my duties include conducting all meetings, develop all agendas for the year and oversee 52 women on the ABWM NYS Board as we host a State Convention each year. 


Rev. Grace Kelley- Neal
President- American Baptist Women's Ministries of New York State


ABWM Launches New Webinar Series 

COVID-19: Addressing Needs and Teaching Resilience

American Baptist Women’s Ministries (ABWM) recognizes that COVID-19 is a human, economic, and social crisis that impacts groups in the most vulnerable situations. The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres emphasized during the launch of the COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response that "we must come to the aid of the ultra-vulnerable. This is a matter of basic human solidarity. This is the moment to step up for the vulnerable" From the onset of this global health crisis, ABWM has stepped up by offering its Courageous Conversation webinar series that provided free financial, spiritual, and leadership resources. Also, ABWM has provided a lifeline and opportunities to women and children as they rebuild their lives through Reset and Reimagine.

The new webinar series, COVID-19: Addressing Needs and Teaching Resilience, is another way ABWM is stepping up to support COVID-19 relief efforts. Thus, ABWM has invited leading professionals to lead webinars focused on the senior woman experiences, leading in times of crisis, and the impact COVID-19 has had on youth and women battling addiction.

Leading in Times of Crisis and Change

Leading (yourself and others) in times of crisis and change 

March 4, 2021 9PM EDT/ 6PM PT

When times are really challenging, we often need to take a new approach. Doubling down on pushing yourself harder to get it all done and define the right way forward is not necessarily the best strategy for success. Join me in a conversation about some helpful strategies for navigating times of difficulty and change: putting people first, including yourself; knowing your north star; adopting an experimental mindset; and listening to learn.

Guest Presenter: Linda Furness 

Linda Furness specializes in executive coaching and leadership development. Most recently she spent 6 years at Google, where she coached hundreds of leaders across the organization. Before joining Google she was a partner at a coaching and leadership development firm, where she designed and delivered comprehensive feedback and coaching programs for leadership teams at The Hewlett Foundation and The Packard Foundation. Other clients have included Apple, Bain & Company, McKinsey, ClimateWorks Foundation, Davis Polk & Wardwell, Natural Resources Defense Council, and numerous startups. 

Prior to becoming a full-time executive coach, Linda served as the head of Human Resources for Financial Engines, Inc., a firm founded by Nobel Laureate Bill Sharpe. She has also held HR roles at Virtual Law Partners, Netscape and Hewlett Packard, and was a litigation consultant with Cornerstone Research. Linda received her BA UC Berkeley. A  JD from Stanford Law and Coaching certifications: CTI and  Immunity to Change. Linda lives in California’s coastal range with her family and menagerie (where the animals are gaining on the people), and finds joy in the redwoods every day.


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The Value of a Breath...

The Value of a Breath: Vaping and Our Youth- What it is, What it Does, and What Should Concern Us

March 18, 2021 9PM ET/ 6PM PT

This webinar will discuss youth use of nicotine and marijuana vaping products. Participants will learn which products youth are using, and the health ramifications that have been revealed. The presenter will demonstrate actual products, discuss the evolution of them, and the role vaping products play in the overall health in the community.  

Guest Presenter: Malissa Arnold

Malissa Arnold is the Program Coordinator for the Drug-Free Communities grant at Mercer Council which focuses on assisting communities with drug and alcohol misuse and focuses on families, students, and other individuals across the lifespan. She is certified as a Prevention Specialist, Nurtured Heart Trainer, TIPS Trainer, Laughter Yoga Leader, and in Mental Health First Aid for Youth and Adults. She holds a dance-able

The presentation will: 

1. help adults to recognize when a youth is using 

2. explain the different technologies, sales methods, and substances that youth use 

3. explain youth use of vaped nicotine and marijuana and its impact on addiction 

4. discuss why vaping is different from smoking and why it isn’t as safe as promoted 

5. discuss what these substances do to youth’s brains and bodies, 

6. explain the ramifications with COVID-19, EVALI, and what we know and don’t know about long term effects 

7. outlay current policies, controls and rules on sales and use. 


Sectional Event

 What's up with ABWM?

Saturday, February 20, 2021
10:00 AM EST

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