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Bethany Baptist Church
1916 - 1935

In 1916 Rev. James D. Wilson became Pastor of Bethany for five (5) years followed by Rev. Luther Holloway  and  Rev. Herbert M. Smith  in 1922.  During the pastorate of Rev. Herbert M. Smith, the parsonage was demolished and a new building for educational and recreational purposes for Bethany and the community was built at the cost of twenty-five thousand dollar ($25,000) and was dedicated on May 4, 1925.

During the Depression Years, 1929 – 1932, Rev. Raymond E. Coles served as Pastor through to 1935.  The church faced some hardships.  The heating plant froze, and church services were held in the prayer meeting room, heated by a potbellied coal stove.   Some faithful members, Mrs. Katherine Johnson who lived three houses from the church, opened her home for Sunday school, so the children would not be deprived.  Her daughters, Miss Dorothy Williams, Mrs. Edna Tisdale, and Miss Burdetta Williams served as Sunday school teachers.  For months during the winter months, you would witness the children carrying their small chairs through the street to the Johnson’s home for Sunday School classes.  In spite of difficulties, Bethany’s faithful and loyal members managed to service and support the church, and worked for the “Spiritual Life” of the Negro citizens of Syracuse.

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