Bethany Baptist Church
 Men's Fellowship 

All male members of Bethany Baptist Church belong to the Men’s Fellowship and are encouraged to become involved and participate.  The purpose of this fellowship is to reach within and outside the walls of the church to young males and men to spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Develop a spiritual relationship amongst men based on Christian principles through biblical instruction.  Spiritual growth, moral behavior, biblical social interaction, and comprehension of God’s word are emphasized in the Fellowship’s activities.

The Men's Fellowship also sponsors a grant for higher education each semester to all student completing their senior year of high school until completion of their advanced studies. The Men's Fellowship meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 9:00am.  


 " No Man Stands So Tall, As When He Stoops to Help a Child"
We as men must realize that we have a stake in the future of our youth. What they become will
determine the character of our civilization and will shape the course of our national destiny.
No more sacred obligation rests on us than to see that these young people are equipped to
meet their responsibilities with sound bodies, developed minds, and high ideas.
Donations given to The Scholarship Grant are disbursed
per semester.
Print and submit your form to:
Ed Speer
Chair of The Scholarship Fund"
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