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The Bethany Discipleship Implementaiton Team invite all New and Current members to an opportunity to complete or participate in Bethanys' new and engaging New Members Orientaiton & Discipleship Small Group Sessions.  If you have not completed your New Members Orientation now is your time.  Come and be spiritually lead, fed and receive the building blocks in your development of a closer relationship with GOD.

Please click on image to fill out the form, you may email the form to bbcweb@bethanybaptistsyrny.org .  We thank you in advance for your participation, and we look forward to your presence. Someone from the Discipleship Team will contact with more information. 

Bethany Baptist Church

Auxiliary/Organization Calendar Request Form

Year 2015    

As we move into the year 2015, the church is developing a church calendar for the year.  Please fill out the form of your proposed Events/Fundraisers with your proposed dates and submit by email: bbcweb@bethanybaptistsyrny.org or the church office (Church Clerk mailbox).   

Bethany is currently developing an email list to expand our communication and correspondence with our members and guest of Bethany.   Correspondence may include:

  • Strategic Plan Updates
  • Ministry and Event announcements
  • Church and Auxiliary meetings
  • Upcoming Newsletter
  • And More...

Please click on image and fill out the form with your email/email’s information (save) and email to BBCweb@bethanybaptistsyrny.org, or submit to the Church Clerk.  If you would like to receive correspondence and have no email, please submit your address.You will receive a confirmation email or correspondence that your name has been added to the list.

Men's Fellowship College Scholarship (Grant)
We as men must realize that we have a stake in the future of our youth.  This grant is primarily designed to encourage our graduating high school seniors to continue their education or training beyond high school. This grant is assistance with their higher education expenses.

To keep your membership and contact information up to date, please fill out the Membership Database Information Form and submit to the church office 

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