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grades 5 – 8

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 AB Girls 
ABGirls "American Baptist Girls"

The AB Girls as a branch of Bethany's Women's Ministry, the mission of the AB Girls is to develop a foundation or relationships, leadership and service in a safe and encouraging environment.  The girls participate as full members of the family of God, with opportunities to express their faith through service ministry to others. 


Remembering the words of Christ who said, “I am the light of the world”, and also “You are the light of the world”. 

I promise to grow in Christ, to share my gifts of time and money, talent and prayer, and to serve with others in God’s world so that the Light of Life may shine through me. 

 The three promises of the covenant reflect relationships, leadership, and service.  They also reflect the three areas of ministry of American Baptist Women’s Ministries:  Personal Development Ministries, Church ad Community Ministries, and Mission and Service Ministries. 

Email:  abgirls@bethanybaptistchurchsyrny.org

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